... these and other, similar statements from interested parties were the motivation for the founding of our first European network:





Like no other subject, “Energy", offers itself in its complete value chain as a comprehensive “Network" topic. Energy supply is already a transnational task - one that does not stop at international borders. Energy in the form of electricity, which is produced by e. g. offshore wind in the north or photovoltaics in the south, by hydro or geothermal power, will be transported to the location where energy demand exceeds the amount of production.

The development of innovative technologies that ...

  • decrease energy consumption,
  • reduce the depletion of primary, limited resources and fuels like coal, crude oil, and natural gas,
  • enable the conversion of electricity into heat and vice versa, and
  • deliver energy on demand via novel energy storage facilities,

all of these are technical challenges that can be managed fast and most effectively by collaboration of companies and industry experts, technology leaders from across Europe.

Our Motivation

EUROPE - a sustainable, resource-saving energy supply with renewable energies is the basis for a healthy life, it creates jobs and prosperity, strengthens the economic power of Europe, promotes the cohesion of European countries, and maintains peace within Europe. It also leaves future generations a worth living environment.


Our Mission

EurA provides its scientific, technical, financial and promotional competences to enable researchers in companies and research facilities to create a common Europe - and thus to develop and establish a sustainable, resource-saving energy supply.


The Energy Innovation Europe (EIE) network brings together experts from the entire energy value chain, who are convinced commonly to create a more effective and efficient conversion of energy supply in Europe and the fulfilment of the Kyoto targets - that means, on the one hand to switch from an energy supply actually primarily based on fossil fuels coal, oil and natural gas to an environment friendly, sustainable energy (electricity and heat) supply by renewable energy sources. On the other hand, features such as energy-saving and energy-efficiency enhancement are to be implemented for the existing infrastructure. With the network EurA wants to create a free space for ... 



EXCHANGE of ideas

DEVELOPMENT of innovative technologies

CREATIVITY in planning joint projects

COLLABORATION of European countries and the trustful cooperation of people of every origin

Our Goals

Organisation and promotion of international cooperations - “Networking”

Development of a sustainable added value for the partners’ locations and for Europe

Improvement of the innovation competency and strengthening of the competitiveness of the European market against competition from the USA and Asia

Acquisition and application for fundings on national and European level

Establishment of contacts to political decision makers in order to shape research and economic sectors’ politics

With Energy Innovation Europe, EurA provides a viable management structure and reliable international contacts; the success of EurA is based on the collaboration of experienced project management specialists who recognize innovation nuclei, develop innovation strategies, and utilize products and services.