Why networking?

As a result of globalization, the pressure to innovate on both, on companies as well as on public research institutions, is increasing. The competitive pressure among companies leads to the need to constantly improve efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, companies are required to introduce new and innovative products to the market more frequently. The pressure on innovation also weighs on research facilities: the research output must be ensured with efficient resource input. The Innovation Network Energy Innovation Europe actively supports the participants herein.

Benefits of networking

  • effectively pursue common goals in politics and the community
  • consequent development of business ideas
  • track changes and risks in the development of the energy market
  • identify new market changes and niches
  • building a critical mass for actively shaping political decisions
  • establish personal contacts to decision makers in the European energy economy
  • become a visible and memorable part of the market
  • gather information on internationalization strategies from other businesses
  • fit the internationalization strategy to your business
  • gain new customers and expand your own network
  • get new capabilities and new expertise
  • participate in the yearly Energy Symposium
  • including complimentary buffet and beverages

Activities of the network management

  • Establishment of the Europe-wide network
  • Organization of the annual Energy Symposium
  • Public relations management and direction
  • Newsletter delivery and distribution of information about network activities
  • Formation of topic related working groups

Are you interested in becoming a part of our network? We look forward to hearing from you!